Laboratory Analytical Services

Analysis is major part of any technical field. We done analysis of Agro chemicals , Food , Feed & Fertilizer, pesticide etc. Development & Research depended on quality of analysis.

  • Food analysis .
  • Feed analysis.
  • Seed analysis.
  • Water analysis.
  • Soil analysis .
  • Chemical fertilizer and organic manure analysis.
  • Chemical testing.
  • Biological material analysis.
  • Agricultural products.

Food :-

Analysis of any kind of food and its raw material including milk & milk products, bakery products, spices, edible oils, non-edible oils testing as per requirement. Special purpose analysis for amino acids (vitamins), energy, nutrinonal value adulterations, added colour. Analysis as per PFA standards, agmark standards.

Feed :-

Poultry and cattle & dog feed analysis for proximate parameters amino acids, afflatoxins, urease activity, toxicity , protein, minerals, fat, fiber testing.

Seed :-

Germination,phytotoxicity,pathogens,moisture,foreign matter etc.

Water :-

Analysis required for potability ( drinking purpose ),use for residential, industrial ,food preparation ,poultry, agriculture ,green house, building construction ,solar heater, softeners ,hotels, swimming tanks, dry clings .

Waste water:-

Industrial effluent, domestic waste analysis for chemical recovery, treatability studies, feasibility report, characterization study, recycling and water budgeting studies etc.


soil analysis including macro and micro elemental / nutrient analysis, secondary nutrients, microbiological parameters, pathogen detection tests.


The available nutrient in fertilizer, purity testing, elemental detection, solid & liquid organic fertilizers, biofertilizers analysis .

Chemical Testing:-

Purity, Impurity, Composition analysis etc.

Biological materials:-

Leaf analysis, Petiole analysis for horticulture, Green houses plants.